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How Do I Buy Music Here?

We only offer PDF music downloads (that you print) and Mp3 audios (when applicable) on this site. You will not receive any physical products from us in the mail. This is how we keep the cost of our music low for you.

Step 1:

To find the music you are interested in, choose your instrumental choice on the home page. If you know the name of the piece, simply type it in to the search engine.



Step 2:

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For Your Information

Every page of your purchased music will be stamped on the lower right hand corner with your name, email address, order number, time and date of your purchase. This stamp will not obscure any of the musical content.

We have done this for your peace of mind as many examinations, competitions and other educational musical events require this evidence before a piece of music can be performed. This is to discourage the illegal copying of music and help to identify you as the purchaser of this music.

Thank you for choosing my music.

Wishing you many years of enjoyment performing it.


          Andy Firth

Disclaimer: MP3 samples may take some time to load depending on internet speed.